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Pat's Photo Gallery

With Maya Angelou 

At Candlestick Park

With Clint Eastwood and Sheriff Norm Hicks 

With Clint Eastwood, Jean Mahoney & Paul Anka 

Pat's Great-Grandparents 

With The Conte Four  


"To Pat  With Love  Doris Day"
Ed Haber, Doris Day & Angie Dickinson

With Rep. Sam Farr and Giant Willie McCovey 

With John Denver 

With Les Brown and his Band of Renown 


At the Salinas Rodeo 

On "The Rookie" movie set with Charlie Sheen 

Singing at 1995 Flood Relief benefit With Carol Zeise & Clint Eastwood
at Pat's Retirement Party (1998)
With John Madden With President Ford (r) and Norman Snyder
Sitting on the dock on the Monterey Bay 1985 Symphony Conductor Haymo Taueber

Sheriff Deputy 1978  

Sheriff Deputy for 30 years 


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